Public Funding

About Public Campaign Funding

Everyone should be represented in our democracy - not just the wealthy. Ordinary people can’t write massive campaign checks or hire high-priced lobbyists that tilt the playing field in their favor at everyone else’s expense.

We need to keep the power of our government where it belongs - in the hands of the people. When politicians depend on contributions from large corporations, lobbyists, and special interest groups, they’re the ones holding all the power. We need a strong clean elections policy if we want our city government to work on solutions for us, instead of helping out rich corporations and their lobbyists.

We deserve politicians who are accountable to us. By allowing candidates in Portland to run for local office without having to depend on outside sources, we can keep our representatives honest and keep control of elections in the hands of the voters.

Public Funding Petition

PETITION TO THE CITY COUNCIL TO AMEND THE PORTLAND CITY CHARTER To Allow Public Funding for City Council, School Board, and Mayor

Adding a New Section

Section 12. Public Financing of Municipal Elections

The city council shall establish and fund a mechanism providing public campaign funds to qualified candidates for mayor, city council, and school board. The mechanism must provide sufficient funds to allow candidates who meet qualifying criteria to conduct competitive campaigns, must be voluntary, must limit the amount of private funds a candidate may raise, must only be available to candidates who demonstrate public support, and must be limited to candidates who enter into a binding agreement not to accept private contributions other than those allowed by the public funding program. The mechanism must be available by the 2021 municipal elections.