District 4

Our team sent a questionnaire to each candidate, asking questions that would provide positions on issues of importance to Fair Elections Portland. Candidates answered each question with "yes," "no," "unsure," or "decline to answer." The responses have not been altered or changed in any way.


The Candidate responded with a YES to the question.

The Candidate responded with a NO to the question.

The Candidate responded with an UNSURE to the question.

The Candidate declined to respond.



Marcques Houstonis running for District 4.


Supports Municipal Clean Elections.

Supports Municipal Citizen Initiatives.

"The people of Portland showed up at the ballot box and overwhelmingly voted in support of Municipal Clean Elections. I believe it should be part of the Charter Commission's review process to honor the people's voice."

Supports greater public input at City Council meetings.

Supports Citizens' Rights Ombudsman.

Supports improving voting processes and access.

Supports measures to assess and remediate structural racism within Portland government and city services.



Cheryl Leemanis running for District 4.


Declined to respond.